Call to artists and new Operational Model 2018-2019

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After holding several consultations to assess the needs of the artists, and having taken a serious look at our financial situation, La Fab is ready to launch a new operational model that will profit both members and the cooperative.

The model, that will be tested this year, is focused on increasing and stabilizing the opening hours of La Fab, which will have a significant impact on sales of all artists.  It includes a revision of our annual fees and the creation of two new member categories. These categories are based on the level of participations of artists which will determine the percentage of commission on sales. Upon consultation with our members, we think we have a good level of support from present and future members.

It is now time for you to make a firm commitment for the 2018-2019 season. If you are ready to participate in the success of La Fab and to enjoy this exceptional showcase for your work, please complete the Membership Enrolment and Renewal form and return it with your payment by mail to 212 Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea (QC) J9B 1J3.

If you have any questions on the model below, I have created a Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) document that is attached.  Do not hesitate to communicate with me at

New Operational Model in effect from June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019

According to our cooperative bylaws, new member artists must make a one-time purchase of 3 shares for $30 which makes you a lifetime member unless you ask to be reimbursed when you leave the cooperative.

Participant Artist

$100 annual fees, plus 12 monthly hours of participation, and only 10% commission on sales.  

  • Higher fee in exchange for lower commission and greater control over promotion and placement.
  • Annual fees express a committment for one year to do your hours and to run and promote La Fab.  
  • Participant artists must still pass the usual jurying process.  
  • Participant artists may then be on the boutique or gallery jury if they wish.

Associate Artist

$50 annual fees plus 40% commission on boutique sales and 25% commission on gallery sales.
In essence, the same as last year.

  • The work of associate artists are accepted by a jury if there is space and if your medium is underrepresented.
  • Gallery sales are historically much lower than boutique sales, and we don't have the exposure of commercial galleries (for now), hence the lower commission.

Since 2011, and even more so since we no longer have a paid director, La Fab is currently run by a small group of angels doing a gargantuan amount of volunteer work.  La Fab can offer many opportunities, and it is now up to the artists of the area to maximize the full potential of this space that was made for us. Together, we can make 2018-2019 the best year in the history of La Fab.
I am one member of this cooperative.  I took the initiative to do research, to consult, and to put together this new structure, because I want to work with you.  These terms can evolve over time as La Fab strengthens its resources.   I look forward to working with you on this exciting new adventure.
Jennifer Bennett
Artist member of La Fab