Picture taken in 1898

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There has been a rectory on our site for a long time. The first rectory was built in the early 1850's and was destroyed in 1890, the existing building was built in 1896 and is the one you see today.

The rectory was home to many priests who served the congregations over the years. Some of the priests who lived here and served the parish were Father Stanton in the 1930's as well as Father Brennan who served for 19 years. Father Mooney (whose sister was the housekeeper) also served for a period in the Parish.

In the back of the rectory there is a stable which housed the three horses which were used by the Priests to get about the parish. Their names, Peggy, Flash and Tammy are still over the stable stalls today.

Next to the rectory there used to be a lovely school for the children of the community who were taught by the Nuns of St. Joseph's Convent whose home was in Pembroke. That school was demolished and replaced by today's MRC des Collines building.


Photos taken during the restorations