The Board passes on the torch!

On June 19, La Fab Co-operative held its annual general meeting.

  • The thirty or so members present were eager to hear about the Arts Centre's track record. To ensure that things were done properly, La Fab had called on a CDROL officer, Joëlle Ritchie, who led the meeting expertly.
  • To respect the bilingualism, the acting president, Jovette Champagne, and the board secretary, Katharine Fletcher took turns in their respective languages ​​to report on a year full of challenges and achievements.
  • Treasurer Danielle Pronovost then presented the financial statements. Conclusion: Our finances are doing well!
  • Despite several obstacles, La Fab has a good track record rich in artistic activities and innovations, as reflected in the annual report.
  • Jennifer Bennet then introduced the new operational model that will be tested in 2018.
  • Jovette Champagne followed by reviewing the work done following the damage to the building and recommended the priorities to be addressed in 2018.
  • Finally, she gave the floor to Joëlle for the election of new directors.
  • Before moving to the electoral component, members passed a resolution to reduce the number of people on the board from 9 to 7.
  • Following the elections (explained below), the new Board is made up of Glen Foster, Nick Barna, Sandrine Kerouault, Danielle Pronovost, Louisette Trottier, Kevin Burke and the Church representative Heath Baxa. The position of worker member remains vacant.

The new Board will meet in July to assign the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary to the Directors.
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Election of the Board of Directors

(4 user members, 2 support members, 1 worker member)

Outgoing members

  • Jovette Champagne (support member)
  • Katharine Fletcher (user member)
  • Johanne Sylvestre (user member)
  • Sophie Guindon (user member)
  • Alisha O'Reilly (user member)
  • Jennifer Bennett (user member)

Members remaining on the Board

  • Danielle Pronovost (support member)
  • Kevin Burke (user member)
  • Louisette Trottier (user member)

Newly elected members

  • Glen Foster (user member)
  • Nick Barna (user member)
  • Sandrine Kerouault (support member)