The gift of a garden

From our great team

In the last few weeks, our great gardening team has dedicated itself to restoring the magnificent garden that adorns the courtyard of La Fab Arts Center in Chelsea. After countless hours of weeding, we enriched the soil of the  flower beds and redid the paths. Many thanks to our sponsors: TerraCube (earth and gravel), Réno-Dépôt (edging) and Tim Hortons de Hull (morning snack).

Our garden is now ready to give a home to your extra plants

A few tips from Diane Wagner, 
member of Gatineau Valley Gardiners

Fall is the perfect time to divide and transplant many plants. Generally, if a plant blooms in the spring it should be divided in the fall. It is not too late to divide Siberian and German irisAstilbe, too, can be divided now. Although peonies can stay in place for many years, late September is the perfect time to divide and transplant them. If you have a particularly nice specimen, consider sharing some with us. Hosta can be divided at any time. The advantage of doing it in the fall is being able to tell one variety from another. It is difficult to identify the variety from the tiny sprouts in the spring. In the fall we can see the leaves and decide which we want to move or divide.

Perennials that spread by runners form little rosettes around the flowering stalks. Evening primrose and bugle weed are perfect examples. Dig up all the little rosettes and replant where desired. Bring us your extras. The bulbs of hybrid lilies can be dug and replanted late in the fall. Moving them helps control lily bugs that live in the soil around the bulb over the winter. We would be happy to replant your extra lilies in La Fab gardens.

Our garden nursery is expecting you

La Fab will be accepting donations of plants on two days:

  • On Thursday, September 28 from 3pm to 6pm and
  • On Saturday, September 30 from 11am to 3pm

We've set up a small garden nursery and a reception counter behind the stables. To get there, take the driveway to the cemetery on the right of St. Stephen’s Church and continue behind the church to the back of La Fab. Bring your plants to the counter, enter your name, the name of the plant and any additional information such as colour, and height in the notebook. We will label plants and place them in our nursery garden while we find the ideal place for each.

We hope La Fab will become a “memory garden” where you can tell us the stories behind each plant that has been donated.