The new Board is up and running

Photo:  Some of La Fab's new board members meeting with Chelsea's mayor after their one-day retreat. From left to right: Gabriel Bouffard, Jovette Champagne, Caryl Green (mayor), Michael Peterson, Danielle Pronovost, Katharine Fletcher, Sophie Guindon and Johanne Sylvestre.

At the Annual General Meeting held on June 27, the members of La Fab elected their new board of directors:  Gabriel Bouffard, Chair; Michael Peterson, Vice-chair; Danielle Pronovost, Treasurer; Katharine Fletcher, Secretary; Kevin Burke, representative of the Building Committee; Jovette Champagne, representative of the Communications Committee; Johanne Sylvestre, representative of the Gallery Committee; Sophie Guindon and Alisha Reilly-Roe, representatives of the the Studio Committee, and Heath Baxa, representative of the St.Stephen Church's administration.  

On July 14, Board members held a one-day retreat to take stock of La Fab's situation and develop strategic directions to guide their future decisions. Claudine Charet from the CLD des Collines de l'Outaouais and Julie Martineau from Culture Outaouais attended and provided very good advice. All participants were encouraged by the results of the meeting. The following day, the Board met with Chelsea Mayor, Caryl Green, to seek advice on some of their projects.

In short, the new board is up and running and would like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work, inspired contributions, dedication, and also the good humour of outgoing Board members Reid McLachlan, Janice Collette, Heather Lamorie and Shannon Langlois.

To learn more about the Board's activities, you are invited to attend its meetings that are held on the last Monday of the month and to visit its web page, where you will find the 2016 Annual Report and the minutes of all meetings.