Artists of the month


November 1 to 30, 2017

Beth McCubbin lives in Gatineau, Quebec, and has been working in the arts for over 25 years. She works with clay, found objects and concrete to create her artworks. "My process involves carefully choosing materials and subject matter, and weighing them to convey a particular message and atmosphere."  Come and see her fine potteries and graceful figures made of concrete on display in our boutique until the end of the month.




October 1 to 31, 2017

Jennifer Bennett completed a craft and design program at Espace Verre in Montreal, and then honed her skills by working in a production studio, and teaching glassblowing for several years.  She also has degrees in political science and in education.  She continues to blow glass in Montreal, but has a finishing studio in the Outaouais and a molding and thermoforming workshop at Place des Artistes in Farrellton.

"My designs are small batch, and constantly evolving: intentionally not amenable to factory-style production or wholesale orders.  I like clean lines and an understated glow.  I respect technical skill, but my work is meant to remind people that each piece is unique and made with the perfect inspiration of a shaky human soul at a particular moment in time."



August 1 to September 30, 2017

Carol has been playing in clay since summer camp days in the Laurentians.  She grew up in Montreal and made her way to settle in Old Chelsea, Quebec, in 1979. All along, clay has factored into her life in spite of a somewhat chaotic course.  Her education began in science at McGill University, then moved to music still at McGill, to fine arts at York University and finally to teaching at Ottawa University.

She currently has a studio in Chelsea where she makes functional stoneware. She has always been inspired by creatures, great and small, and pays homage by adding them to her pottery.  Her custom animal-adorned platters have served several of l’Orée du bois chef Jean-Claude Chartrand’s winning presentations.
Carol fires her work in a wood fire kiln which in itself inspires and amazes.  This is a long process which begins with amassing and splitting cords of wood slabs.  The careful loading of the kiln is followed by a 12 to 14 hour firing which consists of steady stoking the flames.  The results are always a surprise and the process is forever amazing her.
In addition to being sold at La Fab’s boutique, her beautiful dishware can be found at Les Fougères and l’Orée du bois restaurants.  Her work is also available out of her studio by appointment and at her annual open house that takes place the second weekend of December.

Carol is also the potter who generoulsy contributed her time and material to create the ceramic tiles which decorate La Fab's entrance and which were sold to collect money for supporting the arts centre.



July 1 - 31, 2017

This month, La Fab's boutique features the Papoums, the irresistible little beings created by the artisan Sophie Guindon. Come have a look at the cuddly friends Baby Beaver and Little Chicken, the Papoum elves and the bamboo blankies Lapinou. They will capture your heart and keep you smiling. These wonderful small creatures made from ecological materials will awaken the imagination of your little ones while comforting them with their incomparable softness.

On display as well are Sophie's latest watercolours: charming red foxes, perfect for decorating a child's bedroom. After visiting the boutique, go have a chat with Sophie in her studio upstairs.



May 1 - 31, 2017

Lucie finds inspiration in nature and in the heart of her beautiful garden in Old Chelsea. Her pieces distinguish themselves by the fine patterns that she frequently hand-paints often in blue, the colour of irises, her favorite flower. Lucie studied the decoration of porcelain in Arita, Japan, and her works are known for both their beauty and the precision of her drawings.



December, 1 2015 - January, 31  2016



November 1 - 30  2015