Thursdays-At-Six Mix and Mingle

Thursday October 26, 2017. As members of La Fab, we need to know one another better to become the Chelsea co-operative of creative, supportive artists. To that end, we're initiating Thursdays-at-Six, a series of fun meetings which takes place every Thursday and serves as a venue for short “pop-up” talks given by artists. The idea is to have a good time learning and connecting, mixing and mingling with fellow members. 


Last Meet and Greet of the Season

Alisha invites us to "meditate" on her paintings
Thursday October 26, 2017

For Alisha Reilly-Roe, painting is a form of meditation. Inspired by landscapes she has photographed, her paintings take on a new dimension on the canvas. From this transmutation arise impressions and reflections which she transposes to paper. Her texts filled with reflective poetry and the paintings that inspired them are what Alisha shared with us.


Previous Meet and Greet Talks

Julie Mercantini & Louise Butler - Two Printmakers tell us about their techniques
Thursday, October 19, 2017

All who came to the Mix and Mingle last Thursday at La Fab had the pleasure of hearing two passionate printmakers talk about their sources of inspiration and their techniques. Julie Mercantini explained how she went from vintage women's underwear to the fight for women's freedom. And Louise Butler told us about her particular use of colors to evoke the luminous landscapes of Provence.


Catherine Hart - Stained Glass: Philosophy, Design and Execution
Thursday October 5, 2017

Those who were present at Catherine Hart's talk last Thursday, October 5th had the chance to attend a mini-workshop on the art of stained glass. Using some tools of the trade she brought with her, Catherine gave a brief demonstration of a few essential glass techniques, humorously brandishing a box of band-aids which she declared an "indispensable item to any apprentice glass cutter".
An artist who shared her passion! 


Reid McLachland - "But what does it mean ?"
Thursday September 28, 2017

Reid McLachlan gave an inspiring, insightful talk to visitors on Thursday September 28. With his usual verve, Reid charmed the public by talking about his artistic beliefs and telling the stories behind his paintings.  A memorable evening!


Gabriel Bouffard, peintre et président de La Fab
Thursday September 14, 2017

The young and dynamic president of La Fab, Gabriel Bouffard, sparked a lively debate by talking about "arts and business." By introducing some tools used in business administration and business strategy, he led the participants to examine the common foundations between the worlds of art and business and their application to the reality of artists. The many artists who attended the event spoke of the challenges they face and of the strategies they use to overcome them. A very interesting discussion!


Sophie Guindon, Textile Artist
Thursday August 31, 2017

On Thursday, August 31, Sophie Guindon simply told us her story and how she began to sew her "dolls" as a sort of therapy at a time in her life when she needed to do something creative. An artisan was born! Then with the support of various organizations, including the help of a mentor, she launched her small Papoum papoum business. Symbols of softness and warmth, her cuddly little friends are sold online and in more than forty shops.


Eric Fletcher, photographer
Thursday August 17, 2017

Eric Fletcher gave our second Mix & Mingle chat to 14 members and friends at La Fab on the evening of August 17. Eric gave four tips on how to take better photographs of one's artwork, and there was keen interest expressed for a longer talk later on.


Michael Peterson, basket-Maker from Bristol, Quebec
Thursday August 10, 2017

Our first event was a resounding success, with Michael Peterson talking about his fascination with basketry. Bringing several baskets as a "show and tell" demonstration, Michael kept the audience enthralled with his lively and informative discussion on how to make baskets with natural fibres. Afterwards, members enjoyed mixing and mingling, where we were able to put faces to names we've heard of.