A whirlwind of memories

...and an electrifying vernissage on November 2nd

"Memory of the Past" is a doorway to the childhood of Chelsea artist Johanne Sylvestre. Each painting tells a memory,  Hide and Seek Games; a place, Alouette Beach; a flavor, Liquorice; a loved one, Aunt Antoinette's flowers. Each canvas evokes an emotion that the artist recreates through the harmony or contrast of colors and movements: in turn light, strong, circular or linear brushstrokes. The walls of the gallery vibrate with an energy sometimes serene, sometimes explosive. The exhibition is like Johanne Sylvestre: warm, generous, full of passion and joie de vivre. The following pictures are good proof.

Do not miss the exhibition on display until November 26.


Johanne welcomes visitors.

Johanne with Caryl Green, mayor of Chelsea, and Janice Collette, who organised the show

There was a good crowd at the vernissage.

Visitors were intrigued...

The artist with another of her paintings

A festive ambiance

Three generations of Sylvestre

Johanne thanks the visitors.

Until next time.