Harry invites us to an Artist Walk on July 8

Artist photographer Harry Nowell offers an Artist Walk to connect his Watershed artworks at La Fab to the watershed of Chelsea Creek, which has fuelled the creative inspiration for his 16-year project.

Join us at La Fab at 1pm on Saturday, July 8th, for a 2km gentle exploration of some of the sites along the creek. Hear stories of changes to the watershed and challenges to capture the project.

While on the artist walk you'll have time to produce some Watershed art - on paper, in a camera, etc. We will share public Watershed art at La Fab or online.

Please wear comfortable and sturdy footwear. We will be walking on trails and may be walking down staircases and hills to access the sites. Cameras welcome. The adventure will last 2 hours and will finish at La Fab with a discussion of the photos on display.