To you Percy!

Last Tuesday, the painter John F. Marok, along with the author Jean-Paul Murray, inaugurated the exhibition devoted to "the lights and the shadows of the Gatineau Park” by inviting the visitors to raise their glass of champagne to the memory of Percy Sparks.

It was an evening of celebration, since March 7 marked the birthday of Mr. Sparks, founding father of the magnificent park that is the pride of Gatineau. But, it was also an evening meant to raise awareness, as the visitors had not only the opportunity to admire the eerie beauty of the painter’s artworks, but also to learn more about the origins of the park and the perils that threaten its integrity.

“I hope to convey both the fragility and beauty of the natural world, as well as the need to protect it as a moral and spiritual force in the lives of those who enjoy it”, explained John.

Mission accomplished! The evocative power of the artist's paintings and the strong words of Jean-Paul Murray, who signed the exhibition's catalogue, left no one indifferent.

Invited by John to say a few words, Jean-Paul concluded with a quote from Chagall: "Great art picks up where nature ends.” That says it all.

Do not miss this extraordinary exhibition which takes place at Chelsea La Fab Arts Centre until April 2, 2017.