Uwe tells us where he finds inspiration

This past weekend La Fab hosted the Sculpture Studio Tour presented by the National Capital Network of Sculptors. One of our members, Uwe Foehring, was part of the tour.  We took this opportunity to slip among the visitors and ask him a few questions.

La Fab: How do you decide what you will sculpt in the stone?

Uwe: It depends. Often, I start with an idea, which evolves as I work the rock. The stone speaks to me: its form, its color, its hardness will determine the finished piece.  I am also inspired by news that I hear on the radio or on television, or by an image that grabs my attention.

La Fab: Can you give us examples?

Uwe: Some time ago I saw a report on the Bagram prison, where inmates were mistreated and tortured. The feeling of anger that I experienced gave rise to "Silence of Bagram", a piece I sculpted in black alabaster and which expresses pure emotion.

Also, I have just finished a piece I called "Proud Bird". I knew from the start that I would carve a bird, but the shades and veins of the stone evoking feathers guided my hands.

I am currently working on a block of stone in which I want to reproduce the posture of total submission of some beggars I encountered in the streets of Paris and which deeply touched me. I asked my daughter to take the pose and I photographed her so that I would have a reference point. You'll have to come and visit to see the final result.


Uwe's artwork can be seen in his studio and in the boutique at La Fab. His sculptures come in different sizes: the little bear in front of another creation entitled "The couple", or the magnificent sculpture that adorns our garden.

To learn more about Uwe Foehring, you can also visit his website at http://www.uwessculptures.ca.