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        February 4 to 26 at La Fab Arts Centre

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Each of my paintings is a sacred space, a subtle reminder on the wall about the sense of renewal, peace, and strength I receive from being outdoors in nature. For me, painting is an endlessly captivating, detailed investigation into the heart and mystery of light and nature which offer insights into our veiled inner landscape. Originally from Ottawa, I fell in love with skiing in the mountains and moved out west after four years of fine arts at Concordia University in Montreal.  Grateful to have lived in some of Canada’s most beautiful mountain towns, including Whistler, Squamish, Jasper, Tête Jaune, and Revelstoke, I am now enjoying the east again, in the hills of Gatineau Park in Chelsea, Quebec.

Studio visits: Friday February 10 and 24, from 4 pm to 6 pm



For me, art is a language expressing things I cannot say in words. Not a language that can be translated like English to French, or which can answer “what does the artist mean by that?” Rather, it stands on its own. For instance, “Le Hibou’ is the result of what I feel thinking about and seeing an owl: very stealthy, invisible to its prey, simple beauty. My art is the realization of those musings through my hands and tools onto stone – and, that’s why I prefer to use hand tools, not machines. Other artists use paint and canvas or music... For me, art is the language of form and rock. In essence, I think I embrace a very different approach to sculpture than the classical narcissism, chauvinism, and hero worship, which completely separated such artists from their work.

Studio visits: Sunday February 12 and 19, from 2 pm to 4 pm



I like to touch the hearts of people, from near and far – both toddlers and adults! My work speaks from my heart to theirs through gentleness and smiles, where respect for our planet and its inhabitants is a driving force sparking my creativity. From this silent conversation and appreciation, my creations Papoum Papoum were born. The Papoums are not cold and machine-made objects, but small, faithful, original, cozy, intrepid and hyper-endearing beings often used as comforters or “doudous”. Each is unique with its face spontaneously embroidered by hand by me, and made mostly from local materials: sheep's wool (renowned for its ability to absorb smells), fluffy organic cotton woven in Montreal or polyester fill transformed in Toronto, and material from recycled water bottles. My creative process for Papoums comes from listening to others, dedication to authenticity, making an environmentally sensitive contribution, artistic expression, supporting the local economy, being inspired, and appreciating beauty.

Studio visits: Friday February 10, 17 and 24, from 10 am to 4 pm, and Saturday February 11, from 1 pm to 4 pm



I was born in the Netherlands where I attended school, later studying at Groningen University. I lived in Montpellier, France, for two years, where I also attended university (faculté des lettres). Subsequently, I spent years travelling throughout Central Asia and living in Afghanistan. In 1979, I immigrated to Canada, attending Ottawa School of Art where portrait painter Robert Hyndman was my teacher, then mentor for years. Although I am primarily a portrait painter, I also enjoy painting animals, landscapes, and especially flowering trees. I currently speak Dutch, French, English, German and Persian, and am learning Spanish.

Studio visits: Although I am away, I hope you will enjoy my work.