Membership Form

Print, complete and return:

  • By mail: 1-212, Old Chelsea Road, Chelsea, Quebec
  • By email:
  • In person: Come visit our lovely boutique and complete the form on-site!

By becoming a member of La Fab Arts Centre, you choose to be part of a wonderful co-operative whose mission is to support and promote the artistic and cultural community in Chelsea and its surroundings.

Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, potter, musician, jeweler, weaver or writer, here at La Fab you’ll enjoy a meeting place where you can create, exhibit and share with other artists and art lovers. You will also have access to a beautiful heritage building which houses an art gallery, boutique, plus artists’ studios and other spaces which can be rented for exhibits, launches, concerts, conferences, art classes, learning workshops, and other events.

Membership Categories and Annual Dues

Members (artists, artisans and other creators)    $50
Volunteering Members  $30
Employees (La Fab paid staff)  $10 
Donors to La Fab  


Active Participation

Because we are a co-operative, La Fab absolutely depends upon truly active engagement from all members: we cannot survive without your volunteer participation. We have several working committees that allow you to choose how you would like to participate, based on your skills and interests. Naturally, we are aware that personal circumstances may prevent you from volunteering even a few hours of your time. Accordingly, at our members’ suggestion we have slightly increased our annual dues for non-volunteering members.

Your membership privileges:

Your La Fab membership will allow you to:      

  1. vote at the annual general meeting (AGM);
  2. receive our newsletter, calls for submissions, invitations and various communiqués (openings, seminars, conferences, workshops, launches, publications, projects, etc.);
  3. rent one of our onsite artist's studios;
  4. rent space for various events;
  5. take part in the members' group exhibitions held in the summer and at Christmas;
  6. submit your artwork to the jury for the solo exhibitions taking place in our onsite gallery;
  7. submit your artwork to the jury for the possibility to sell it in our onsite boutique;
  8. take advantage of a 10% discount for any purchase in our boutique; 
  9. take part in the various activities (workshops, training sessions, social gatherings) organized for members;
  10. support the viability and development of La Fab Arts Centre.