Fun making Fundraising tiles for La Fab

Our heartfelt thanks to potter Carol Froimovitch who donated her time, energy and materials to create hundreds of ceramic tiles which were sold for $100 apiece, every penny going to La Fab Arts Centre.

Last October, Carol was met in her studio in Chelsea by two members of La Fab, Katharine Fletcher and Jovette Champagne, who were very excited at the prospect of decorating their own tiles.  Jovette had brought a beautiful piece of lace, which Carol placed on the clay and ran through the press, thus transferring the lace pattern into the moist clay. Then Jovette carved her name and the date on her tile. Meanwhile, Katharine created two Spirit Horse tiles – one for her and one for her husband, photographer Eric Fletcher.

A few weeks later, Jovette and Katharine were thrilled to see their beautiful tiles on La Fab’s walls, especially as they are the last ones to be produced by Carol.  Indeed, our potter has now undertaken to make larger half-moon shaped tiles to be placed above doors.  Sponsors will be able to purchase them at a higher price, all the money going again to La Fab.  It is Carol’s special way of contributing.