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The renovations of the rectory are estimated to reach $300,000. Your donation will help cover these needed repairs and contribute to the artistic, cultural and heritage activities in Chelsea.

Fundraising Goal for 2015:



Many doners have purchased a ceramic tile at the cost of $100/tile. Each tile is engraved with the name of the doner or a fellow relative or friend. The tiles are glazed, fired and installed throughout the main entry. The hallway is an on-going tribute to Community, Cooperation and Creativity. There's still room for many names to line these historic walls! To date, nearly $10 000 were collected through this fundraising activity. These tiles are affixed to the entrance wall of the building, called the "Wall of Patrons' and serves to recognize the contributions of the community to this project.

We would like to thank Carol Fromoivitch, ceramic artist, for making this project possible and for the production and installation of the tiles.

To be a part of this exciting, hands on project and contribute to the arts, culture and heritage community of Chelsea, make a donation by contacting us at or contact Carol Froimovitch at: 819 827-3361.

Tiles from our donators and Audrey Bazinet's artwork.